The right equipment matters

Gary Horsman owns and operates a 25-truck fleet. His business, Horsman Transport Ltd., hauls logs for independent loggers on BC’s Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Keys to his business success is having the right equipment, managing equipment lifecycles and maximizing productivity for each piece. Hauling logs is a tough job and tough on equipment. And because BC’s forest sector is cyclical and affected by the world economy and global forest commodity markets, it can be a tough sector to build a successful business in.

Leasing; an easy business decision

Gary started his business in 1983 and originally financed the purchase of his trucks through traditional lenders. Gary says, “I never did any leasing for vehicles or equipment when I first started in business, but when the banks started getting tough to deal with, especially with us in the logging industry, I looked for another option. Leasing was it. As an alternative to a purchase, a lease plan is simple to put together. There’s less paper, you can do it all on the phone and it’s fast.”

A business relationship built on trust

Joey Benda, Arbutus Capital partner says of his relationship with Gary, “We have mutual trust. I have worked with Gary since 2011. Because I know Gary and his business, when he calls me with a challenge he needs our help on, we always try to work out a deal.” Gary and Joey have made deals to finance truck leases, consolidate debt, provide business cash injections and completed sale leasebacks on equipment. "

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