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As owner of Blyth Transport Ltd., Sean Blyth operates four semi-trailers, hauling mostly produce from California and Arizona to British Columbia for a regular roster of clients. Like all trucking companies, having the right equipment for the job is critical to success. When it’s time for an equipment upgrade or to add a truck to take advantage of an opportunity, chances are it’s needed quickly. Sean says of his relationship with Arbutus, “they are easy to talk to and they move fast”, adding: “no fees, no hassles”. He says he is a loyal Arbutus customer because “They actually care about me and my business.”

Serving the needs of trucking companies

As partner and team member of Arbutus Capital, Mike Benda’s experience dealing with the equipment needs of trucking companies provides him with insight and understanding of the business and challenges owners face. Like other businesses, they have to take care of and build their customer base, deal with staff, manage receivables, overhead and uncontrollable economic factors. Specific to the transport business is dealing with fuel costs, regulations, fees, road conditions, driver recruitment, logistics, repair bills, safety and payroll. The need for cash flow is paramount to keep trucks rolling and productive. Arbutus Capital trucking lessees benefit by managing a major expense, avoiding capital cost outlay and helping maintain positive cash flow. Mike shares this, “Trucking is a major part of our lease portfolio. We make decisions every day to try to help our lessees upgrade or add to their fleet as requested. If it is new, used, from anywhere in North America, we will try to work out a lease finance deal that works for them.”

Lease deals for truckers

Arbutus Capital has worked with a vast array of trucking companies, setting up lease deals for thousands of trucks and trailers with individual deals ranging from a couple thousand dollars to several hundreds of thousands. Learn more here.


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