Business owners in BC logging industry battling a perfect storm

The supply of lumber has been exhausted in recent years.  Pine beetles, forest fires, trade wars, decreased prices and new regulations imposed by governments in Canada and the United States have made harvesting green lumber more expensive.  This is culminating at a point where it’s no longer profitable for some mills to continue operating forcing reduced production capabilities and even closures.


Logging equipment leasing options

When mills close and hours are reduced, there’s a ripple effect that impacts local economies and communities.  If you are a business owner servicing the logging industry, you may already be feeling the pinch.  Before reduced cash flow begins to impact operations and profit margins, you may want to consider these logging equipment leasing options:

  • Investigate the benefits of a sale-leaseback to generate working capital. 
  • Refinance equipment with equity to lower monthly lease payments.

Acting proactively opens up options.  Have a plan for financing in place so any interruptions in cash flow don’t adversely affect your credit, family, or business operations.  As one of the top equipment leasing companies, Arbutus has been working with independent owner-operators in the logging industry for over 40 years. We are a western company with true western values and provide sale-leaseback funds on heavy equipment and used trucks.


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