Good news for brokers.

A partnership with Arbutus really does make your life easier. We always endeavour to find a way through, structuring deals that get your clients the equipment they need with the resources they have. 

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Approval for tough deals/clients that may have been rejected
  • Speedy lending approvals done in-house
  • In-depth phone chat at outset to learn about your business
  • Going the extra mile to keep your client in business during tough times  

A Resourceful Approach: Types of leasing

Yes, we can assist clients who have great credit. But where we really excel, is getting the deals no one else can or wants to do. We know that business can be a challenge, and although it can take longer, we ask the tough questions and find a way to help your clients succeed. We help when they’re in a pinch or can’t wait the 2-6 week approval periods required by banks. We help when equipment becomes available that they need immediately. We help with bridge financing – creative help for clients that are building their business and supporting their employees and communities along the way.

Regarding leasing options, we’re very open-minded. Approvals are not bound by checking off criteria boxes – each deal is evaluated on its own merit. We look at things like down-payments, additional equipment security, property security, sale leaseback financing, and co-applicants.

Open Dialogue: Our Broker Process

You’re about happy customers. Guess what? We are too. And it always comes down to making the sale. It’s not always possible to get the desired outcome, but boy, do we try! Here are the steps you can expect:

  1. We chat. We want to get to know you and your client, get the full picture and see if the deal’s a good fit. We believe communication builds relationships and increases our approval ratio.
  2. You email us a credit app or fill out our simple webform.
  3. We call you with a few questions.
  4. If the approval conditions are met, we’re all good to go.
  5. If not, we discuss other possible ways through — and there often is a way.  

Become a broker partner