Arbutus vs banks.

  • You get to talk with the decision-makers
  • We’re faster as we make financing decisions in-house
  • We simplify the whole financing process
  • Preserve your cash flow — use our money to build your business
  • Flexible payment and end of term options
  • We help keep you in business when the going gets tough

More speed, less red tape.

Because your business growth often relies on speedy action when closing a deal, we’ve developed a very streamlined process. In fact, we pride ourselves on funding faster than anyone in the business.


1. Define

First, you identify the equipment you have in mind and a ballpark price – that’s when we verify the cost and provide a pre-approval so you can go shopping. 

2. Apply

Next, you fill out our credit application online or give us a call.

3. Review

We’ll then review your application and business situation and call you for a chat. Here’s where we get creative to generate the best route to an approval and let you know.  

4. Approval

You meet the credit conditions, and receive competitive rates and lease terms. If you have credit issues, we help you get there with alternate solutions. And if you are in a rush, we’ll put our foot on the gas too.  

5. Acquisition

We provide your financing as quickly as possible, because we understand that securing a contract may rely on securing certain equipment. 

A desire to make things work.

Your situation and needs are unique. That’s why decisions are made on a case to case basis. And we’ll always work with you and/or your broker to find the payment plan that works for your business. There are all kinds of features, purchase options and payment terms available, all to be customized to suit your situation: 

  • Lease assignments
  • Amendments
  • Early buyouts
  • Down payments
  • Term length