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Wherever you are, whichever industry.

Arbutus Capital finances equipment for almost all industries. And because we serve BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we’re proud to say that we’re a western Canadian company focused on western Canadian businesses.


Welcome to a future without leasing headaches.

First, we listen. Then we customize leases to fit with your unique needs. Throughout, our focus is finding the most competitive, most flexible leasing approvals, and finding them fast, because we understand that speedy leasing turnarounds can be everything. We’re also specialists in serving clients that have imperfect credit in an imperfect world — so, if you’re used to being told you don’t qualify, you can expect a sudden change in fortune.  

But don't take our word for it


They are so quick to turn a deal around from idea to funding – it’s incredible.

Solving problems for my customers is an opportunity. I’ve grown my wholesale metal gutter products business by turning those solutions into new, niche products that give my customers a competitive edge. When a new design takes off, I may find I need additional equipment, fast. When you are in a small business and trying to build there are 3 ways to get the equipment you need; the bank, lease or wait and save the money. Sometimes the opportunity means you can’t wait on the bank or the time to save. You have to grow fast. The relationship that the guys at Arbutus Capital offer is something that the banks just won’t do. Mike and Joey deal with your situation, whatever that is, one to one to find a solution. The banks just won’t do that. My relationship with Arbutus spans decades. It’s a business relationship that is more like a partnership. They are always there for me.

Horst Neumann

No fees, no hassles, no hidden costs.

I’m a small independent transport company hauling mostly produce for a BC processor. I’ve been in business since 2009 and currently operate with four trucks and trailers. I work with Arbutus Capital because I like the way they do business.  They actually care about me and my business. Over the years Mike has worked with me to finance several trucks. Most recently, I called Mike to say I needed a new truck and what could they do.  The result? We’re talking over $100,000 approved the same day.  They have given me the ability to grow when I need to.  I’ve been targeted by other equipment lease companies and I’ve turned them down even if they are offering a better rate because I like doing business with Arbutus. And, I trust them. They are easy to talk to, personable and best of all, move fast.”

Sean Blyth

I choose Arbutus Capital because the process is uncomplicated, easy and fair.

Starting and growing a business carries a lot of risk so when I started my first restaurant in 1998, I used Arbutus to finance my equipment leases.  I like the flexibility, security and control leasing provides.  It reduces risk and allows for better management of cash flow and expenses, critical in any company, but so much more in a small business.  Using Arbutus as part of my small business plan was a deliberate strategy for optimum growth with minimal risk. Arbutus made it easy, they trusted me and I trusted them.  I am now 7 yrs into my second restaurant, Cherries Breakfast Bistro, and I have returned to Arbutus Capital several times to finance through leasing the kitchen and coffee bar equipment necessary to keep up with the increasing demand in my business. Through great leasing policies and a partnership mentality, Arbutus makes it smooth and easy for me to expand and continue growth.  

Cheryl (Cherry) Schellenberg


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