We move mountains.

Being a family-run company since the beginning has allowed us to develop deep relationships while still being established enough to handle demands of any size. Read More

We're in your corner.

Providing the best service and care is a no-brainer for us. You deserve it. After all, we see you as part of one big extended family.

Joey, Mike and Bette
  • Joey Benda, Credit Manager & Partner

    We do everything in our power to keep our customers happy when it comes to satisfying their equipment financing needs.

    We do that by finding a way to structure deals that are mutually beneficial. Our clients are hard-working family-oriented independent business owners. Their business goals may dictate an equipment upgrade, additional capacity, repair or some other need. Not having the right equipment means their ability to make money is compromised so finding a solution fast is imperative.  At Arbutus Capital, we pride ourselves on the quickest approval turnarounds possible.  

    We understand that juggling work and family while being an independent business owner has its challenges.  We are here to find solutions when things don’t go according to plan.

  • Bette Benda, CEO & Partner

    Like our many of our applicants, we are an owner-operated family business.

    Our team makes every effort to help our clients see their way to a better future through their business. Understanding the hard work and personal sacrifice required to grow a business impacts every decision we make. We are continually motivated to get the best financial solutions our lessees need, taken care of in a timely manner.

    Our lessees are natural risk takers and entrepreneurs who are not punching a time clock. Quite often when an opportunity presents itself to our lessee, it is time sensitive. At Arbutus we understand the importance of getting deals completed in a time sensitive manner.  With traditional lenders, time is often grossly under-valued.  Our forty-year history of non-traditional lending enables us to make thoughtful financial decisions and to make them fast.  Decisions are made in-house after looking at every possible angle, even with challenging circumstances. Our mission is to find the best way to help our clients achieve their business goals.  Our client's success is our driving force.

  • Mike Benda, Portfolio Manager & Partner

    What gets me charged up? Working on our most challenging deals.

    More than number-crunching, it’s a creative process that requires an open mind to get to a solution that helps our clients grow or avert a crisis. We all have issues to deal with so every client we help keep in business during challenging times is an accomplishment. Our experience is that clients have unique situations to be considered; from assets to credit profiles to cash flow issues and more. Rubber-stamping approvals is easy when credit profiles are perfect. Our process and ongoing relationships with our clients is more personal taking into consideration criteria outside the norm. Things happen in life and if I can help my customers stay in or grow their business, it’s rewarding. Good for my customers, their families and us.

A 40 year tradition of being untraditional.

Your business growth often relies on speedy action. Fortunately, we hold a unique position in the industry - we own our lease portfolio so credit decisions are made in-house. Aside from your application being fast-tracked, this also enables us to offer you broader and more flexible financial solutions. Yes, this all sounds too good to be true. But we do it, because we can.

Authentic, experienced and flexible.

At Arbutus Capital, we never forget the importance of being real and authentic. We find this openness allows us a deeper understanding of small businesses and helps us turn leasing approvals into outcomes that you need.

We say ‘yes’ where banks say ‘no’.

Unlike banks and traditional lenders, who claim to be interested in their clients’ success, we really are. Partnering with our brokers, we take pride in exploring all routes towards financing approval. And if you don’t fit the typical credit approval criteria, rest assured, we’ll find a way.