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Why Choose Arbutus Capital for Your Vehicle Leasing Needs in Ontario

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When it comes to managing your business, it can be challenging to handle all your various expenses, and your company's vehicles are one of the significant expenses that demand your attention. Although buying a fleet of commercial vehicles may seem like the next logical step towards growth, it may not be the right decision for everyone. Vehicle leasing is a popular alternative, providing an economical and flexible solution for your needs, but choosing the right leasing company is essential.

Arbutus Capital is an experienced leasing company that has been serving businesses in Western Canada for over 40 years, and we’re looking to bring our knowledge and high-end service to Ontario. From small startups to large corporations, Arbutus Capital has the expertise and flexibility to create customized leasing solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at why you should choose Arbutus Capital for your vehicle leasing needs in Ontario.

Comprehensive Services

At Arbutus Capital, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face when it comes to leasing vehicles, and we have the flexibility to create solutions that meet those challenges head-on. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles that need to be upgraded or you need a single vehicle for a specific project, our team can work with you to create a leasing solution that fits your needs. Choosing Arbutus Capital for your leasing needs gives you access to a wide range of services, and we can help you acquire vehicles, maintain them, and replace them when necessary. 


We understand that every business is different. Leasing allows you to tailor your leasing agreement based on the vehicle's usage, mileage and term length. Arbutus Capital offers flexible lease agreements that give you the freedom to change your vehicle or upgrade to a newer model, especially if your business needs change. You can quickly adapt to market fluctuations or growing business demands at a reasonable cost.

Quality Vehicles

Arbutus Capital works with a variety of different manufacturers so you have access to the most up-to-date and reliable vehicles on the market, which ensures that you're driving high-quality and dependable vehicles. Our leasing services extend to a variety of commercial vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans. You'll have access to the latest models that are suitable for your industry — whether you're in construction, healthcare or transportation.


Leasing offers a cost-effective option for business owners by eliminating or reducing operational costs such as maintenance and repair. When you lease with Arbutus Capital, you don't have to worry about unpredictable payments or large one-time payments that come along with purchasing vehicles outright. Our flexible leasing options and affordable rates provide predictable payments that will help you budget and manage your cash flow effectively. Plus, by choosing us you get a rate that is not only competitive with other leasing companies, but also comes with the bonus of our expertise and flexibility to make sure you are only paying for what you really need.

Experienced Professionals

Working with experienced leasing professionals like Arbutus Capital gives you peace of mind. We have been in the equipment leasing industry for over 40 years and understand how to deliver superior customer service. Our dedicated team of leasing experts are always available to help you make an informed decision. Leasing a fleet of vehicles for your business can be a confusing and complex process, but we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the entire process. We will help you understand all of the details of the leasing agreement, and we can provide you with any advice or recommendations that you need.

Our customer-focused approach puts your needs first and ensures you get the best deal. We’re proud of our partnerships with our customers and being a part of their success. 

Get Started

At Arbutus Capital, we understand that time is money. That's why we've made our leasing process as seamless, quick and easy as possible. We handle all of the paperwork and administrative tasks on your behalf, so you don't have to worry about anything. We understand that businesses need to be able to rely on their vehicle leasing company to provide them with efficient and effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and our ability to work with businesses to ensure that your leasing needs are met in a timely and professional manner. Contact us today to find out more information and get started — all of our leasing decisions are made in-house so we can get you the vehicle leasing you need, today.

As a business owner, you want to make sure you're making the right choice when it comes to managing your fleet of vehicles. Leasing offers a flexible, cost-effective, and reliable solution for managing your business's transportation needs. Arbutus Capital is a trusted and reputable leasing service provider that can help you achieve your business goals. With our comprehensive leasing services, cost-effective options, quality vehicles, flexibility, and experienced professionals, you can take advantage of the benefits of leasing, drive your business forward, and save money in the process. Choose Arbutus Capital for your vehicle leasing needs in Ontario, and let us help you grow your business today.

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