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From imperfect credit to a perfect solution

Alberta, Canada

Time crunch for owner operator trucker

We received a call on a Friday morning from a young trucker named Austin who was in a jam: the deposit he had put down on a used Peterbilt would be forfeited at the end of the day if he couldn’t get an approval. And worse still, Austin would lose the long haul trucking job he had lined up.

Two strikes but not out

Austin had a couple of strikes going against him: 

  • First was his young age, which usually translates to a lack of solid credit history, personal net worth and decades of experience that leasing companies like to see. 
  • Compounding his tight spot further was the fact that the truck he wanted lease financing for was for a 1999 Peterbilt coming from a private sale. Older vehicles and private sales are two deal characteristics equipment leasing companies will often say no to. 

After another lease finance company who was seeking to provide him with financing failed to return his calls after three days, Austin approached us at the 11th hour. He was close to losing his deposit, the truck and the job he had lined up.  Although we weren’t overly surprised his financing fell through given his situation, we were more than happy to see what we could do to help, as we pride ourselves in handling imperfect circumstances precisely like this one.

Overcoming imperfect credit situations

Fortunately for us, Austin proved to be resourceful, ambitious and quick to get us what we needed:  attributes we admire in our clients.  We quickly built a profile for him, drawing from the various strengths that we saw and generating an approval later that day.  We got in touch with the vendor to let him know Austin was approved and we planned on issuing payment early the following week.  We sent out the lease papers before day’s end and worked with Austin over the weekend to complete the deal to get him the heavy equipment financing he needed.  We paid the seller on the Monday and Austin started work in his truck the next day. 


The seller was impressed enough to recommend us to other business owners. Austin described us as quick, fast and determined to find a solution that met all the needs of all parties.

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