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Equipment Leasing for Health & Wellness Facilities: What You Need to Know

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Are you a health and wellness facility owner wondering if leasing equipment is the best option for your business? Having the right equipment in place to deliver the best quality care for your patients and clients will go a long way helping your business stay competitive in the industry. Equipment leasing is a way that you can acquire essential equipment without the upfront costs; by providing financial security for your business and freeing up cash flow, you are better able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. To help you determine whether or not equipment leasing could be a beneficial solution for your business over purchasing, here is what you need to know about equipment leasing for health & wellness facilities.

What is equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing is a popular financing option that companies can consider when they need to acquire business equipment. Essentially, it involves renting equipment from a leasing company, where you agree to make monthly payments over a fixed period. The beauty of equipment leasing lies in its ability to allow you to acquire the equipment you need with predictable monthly payments and without the huge upfront costs of purchasing. Moreover, it provides flexibility, giving you access to the latest equipment and technology that helps you stay competitive, be more efficient and productive, and attract new clients. You are also able to purchase the equipment at the end of your lease term, or upgrade to newer technology — the health and wellness industry is highly dynamic and constantly changing, so equipment leasing is a way that you can stay at the top of your game and focus on business growth.

How to assess your equipment needs

For any health and wellness business, having the essential equipment is crucial to provide quality services to clients. It is important for your business to assess your equipment needs by first identifying their specific services and the equipment required for your facility to provide such services. Once this is done, it is also equally crucial to consider the cost of the equipment and whether it is financially feasible to purchase, or better to lease. Equipment leasing, in particular, can be a great option for businesses looking to obtain the necessary equipment without having to make a large upfront investment. By carefully evaluating their specific needs and available resources, health and wellness businesses can determine the most ideal equipment strategy for their operations.

Types of equipment available for health and wellness businesses

In the competitive world of health and wellness, meeting the dynamic needs of your customers is key to success. One way to enhance the customer experience and provide top quality service is by investing in the right equipment. There are a wide range of tools and machines available for health and wellness businesses that, depending on the needs of your business, can enhance the effectiveness of workouts, massages, and client-facing services.

POS systems help streamline client transactions and appointment scheduling, while rented storage solutions and cabinetry can help store client records, supplies and equipment. Health equipment is essential for exercise and therapy services, but purchasing often comes with a high price tag. For wellness businesses, equipment such as float beds, tanning beds and infrared sauna equipment can be a great addition to your service offerings. If you’re a cosmetic business, laser machines and tattoo removal equipment allow you to offer in-demand services to top-paying clients. And if pearly whites are your profession, the latest and greatest dental equipment is key to your patients choosing your clinic over a competitor’s. 

By keeping up with advancements in technology and offering top-notch equipment, health and wellness businesses can stay relevant and continue to attract customers who value quality and innovation.

How Arbutus Capital has provided equipment leasing solutions to health and wellness businesses

Running a health and wellness business is no small feat. There are so many expenses that come with it, especially when it comes to the equipment needed to provide the services your clients need. Fortunately, Arbutus Capital has been providing equipment leasing solutions to health and wellness businesses like yours for years. We understand that high-quality equipment is essential for success, and we want to help you get what you need without breaking the bank. From treadmills to massage tables, we offer a wide range of leasing options with flexible terms to fit your specific needs. With our support, you can focus on providing the best possible experience for your clients without worrying about the costs associated with expensive equipment.

We’re passionate about helping our clients succeed. We recently helped our fitness business client in purchasing the entire assets of a defunct fitness studio, including brand new bikes, sound equipment and more. Our client had $25,000 to put down on the equipment, and we financed the remaining balance, thereby helping them get top equipment for less upfront money and invest in the growth of their business.

Why Choose Arbutus Capital, and our process for equipment leasing

As a health and wellness business owner, you know how important it is to have access to state-of-the-art equipment that can help you deliver the best possible service to your customers. However, purchasing equipment outright can be a costly endeavour that's not always feasible for small businesses on a budget. That's where choosing Arbutus Capital as your trusted leasing partner comes in. We offer equipment leasing options that are tailored to suit the needs of your business, allowing you to access the latest technology without breaking the bank. Our leasing process is easy and straightforward — we know you need your equipment as soon as possible, so we work with you to get what you need quickly and efficiently, even if you’re a brand new business or have imperfect credit. We take the time to get to know your business on a personal level, and don’t just look at the numbers. Plus, throughout the application process and the entire term of your lease, our team is dedicated to providing top-quality service every step of the way.

It is important for health and wellness businesses wanting to start their business or expand their services to understand the basics of equipment leasing and assess their own needs and budget. With the right types of equipment to help provide an optimal customer experience, health and wellness businesses can take advantage of available leasing solutions from Arbutus Capital. With our many years of experience serving Western Canada, Arbutus Capital provides customized solutions that are tailored for you. If you are ready to experience the benefits of equipment leasing, contact us now and get started with finding the perfect fit for your business growth. With numerous options available, our experienced team is ready to determine your needs and start you on the road towards reaching your goals. Let today be the first step in achieving success for your gym or wellness facility – contact Arbutus Capital now!

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