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Victoria, BC

More flexibility, security and control

The heart, soul and business mind behind the successful Cherries Breakfast Bistro in Victoria, BC is the amazing Cheryl (Cherry) Schellenberg. Her popular 3000 sq. ft. bistro is her second restaurant, now 7 years old. Cherry responds to growth demands with a pragmatic approach using Arbutus Capital to provide lease financing whenever her kitchen and coffee bar needs new equipment. Cherry says, “I like the flexibility, security and control leasing provides.  It reduces risk and allows for better management of cash flow and expenses, critical in any company, but so much more in a small business. Using Arbutus as part of my small business plan was a deliberate strategy for optimum growth with minimal risk. Arbutus made it easy, they trusted me and I trusted them.”

A relationship that counts

Arbutus president, Bette Benda describes Cherry as a long term, return customer. “We helped Cherry with equipment lease financing for her first restaurant and we continue to support Cherry whenever she needs equipment.  We enjoy watching her grow and succeed. The restaurant business is very challenging and Cherry knows what she is doing. We have a long-term relationship and we are pleased to provide lease financing for her bustling, growing business.  Cherry knows she has a business partner in us and we are only a phone call or email away.  At Arbutus Capital, we’ve worked with hundreds of restaurant owners over the past thirty years. We know the industry, the risks and rewards. Leasing is a great option for restaurant owners.”

Alternative financing for equipment

For entrepreneurs in the food and beverage business or any other, equipment leasing allows the owner to maintain a more consistent cash flow for other priorities or surprises. Arbutus Capital is a lease financing lender offering business owners like restauranteurs the option of alternative financing to get the equipment they need when they need it.

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